Terms and Conditions


1.   These Terms and Conditions (Terms) apply to each booking with Bare Butlers (a Booking), and set out Bare Butlers’ terms of engagement.  Any person who has made a Booking with Bare Butlers (the Host), in any manner whatsoever, agrees to be bound by these Terms.

2.  These Terms, Bare Butlers’ Privacy Policy, the Booking confirmation email and the Host’s invoice form the entire agreement between the Host and Bare Butlers.

3.  Bare Butlers may change, amend or replace these Terms by uploading revised terms onto this webpage at any time in its entire discretion.  An up-to-date copy of these Terms will always be available through the Booking confirmation email. The updated Terms will apply from the date that Bare Butlers publishes the webpage, and that date will be indicated below.


4.  Payments for the Booking are set out in the Booking confirmation email and the Xero invoice, and are broken down as follows:

(a) booking fee, which is due seven days before the Booking and includes the $50 deposit to secure the Booking; and

(b) travel fee(s), if applicable.

5.  The Host agrees to ensure timely payment of all amounts due to Bare Butlers, and acknowledges that any payments after the respective deadlines may mean that Bare Butlers is unable to service the Booking, or may only be able to provide an alternative service at the Booking. Bare Butlers reserves the right to cancel, without refund, any Booking for which full payment has not been made by the due date.


6.  A $50 deposit is due from the Host upon receiving an invoice from Bare Butlers (which confirms Bare Butlers’ availability for the Booking).  When the deposit is received, Bare Butlers reserves the agreed time and date and will prioritise the Host’s Booking over subsequent booking requests.

7.  If the Host wishes to cancel the Booking (subject to any specific cancellation policy that may apply under Bare Butlers’ COVID-19 Policy):

(a) Cancellations more than 12 weeks before the Booking will be refunded in full (subject to any applicable credit card fees).

(b) For cancellations between 12 weeks and seven days before the Booking, the deposit is non-refundable.  Bare Butlers will refund any remaining payments that the Host made towards the booking fee (subject to any applicable credit card fees).

(c) The entire booking fee is non-refundable where the Host cancels the Booking with less than seven days’ notice. Refer to clause 10 for our rebooking process. For the avoidance of doubt:

(i) if the Booking is made within seven days of the chosen date and time, clauses 7(c) and 10 will still apply; and

(ii) any rebooking under clause 10 will be a new Booking for the purposes of these terms and conditions (including clauses 7, 9 and 10).


8.  Bare Butlers will do its best to honour date, time or service changes by the Host, provided that the Host gives adequate notice, and subject to Butlers’ availability.

9.  For changes up to seven days before the event (as scheduled with Bare Butlers):

(a) any changes which result in a higher booking fee or travel fee(s) must be paid within seven days of the amended event date to confirm the updated event details; and

(b) any changes which result in a lower booking fee or travel fee(s) will entitle the Host to a refund of the difference, subject to any applicable credit card fees.

10. For changes within seven days before – or any time after – the event (as scheduled with Bare Butlers):

(a) changes to the event date will incur a $45 rebooking fee, plus travel fee(s) for any Butler(s) who had already travelled to the venue (prorated for partial journeys);

(b) any changes which result in a higher booking fee or travel fee(s) must be paid immediately by the Host to secure the updated event details; and

(c) any changes which result in a lower travel fee(s) will entitle the Host to a refund of the difference in the travel fee(s), subject to any applicable credit card fees; however

(d) the Host is not entitled to a refund in respect of any changes that would otherwise result in a lower booking fee; and

(e) the Host acknowledges that the length and type of the service may be reduced or altered by Bare Butlers in order to ensure that Bare Butlers is able to fulfil the event according to the Host’s requested changes.


11. The Host agrees to contact Bare Butlers as soon as possible if the Host anticipates that their Butler may be late to the Booking (or unable to show up).  Bare Butlers will make all reasonable endeavours to implement alternative arrangements where the originally-scheduled Butler is late or unable to attend the Booking.  Alternative arrangements may include changes to the Butler, the time and/or the service, at Bare Butlers’ discretion.

12.  In the event of a Butler not showing up to the Booking, and where Bare Butlers cannot implement any alternative arrangements, a refund will be provided to the Host.

13. If alternative arrangements can be implemented, but these involve some changes to the Booking:

(a) Bare Butlers will refund any difference in the applicable booking fee (eg if a semi-nude service is provided in substitution for a nude service); and

(b) at its entire discretion, Bare Butlers may (but is not obliged to) offer the Host a partial refund in consideration for changes on short notice.


14. Neither party (including Bare Butlers, the Butler/s or the Host) will be liable for any delay or failure to perform any obligation of the Booking where such delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the parties.


15. Travel fees may apply where the event address is beyond the central suburbs of the nearest city where Butlers are based.  The travel fee is calculated to reflect Butlers’ return trip, and is rounded down to the nearest $5 increment.  Travel fees are due per Butler, unless Bare Butlers agree to make arrangements for Butlers to travel together (which the Host acknowledges is not possible in all situations).

16. The Host may schedule the Booking at an imprecise address (eg a suburb or city).  The Host acknowledges that any travel fee set out in the Booking confirmation email may be overridden when the address is changed or specified closer to the event time.

17. Where the Host makes changes to the Booking details (eg different service or updated address) that result in a different travel fee(s):

(a) any changes which result in an increased travel fee(s) will be added to the invoice and must be paid within seven days of the Booking; and

(b) subject to clauses 9 and 10, any changes which result in a reduced travel fee(s) (or no travel fee) will entitle the Host to a refund of the difference, suject to any applicable credit card fees.


18. The Host acknowledges that Butlers’ availabilities can change at any time.  Bare Butlers will make reasonable endeavours to honour the Host’s Butler preferences.  However, Bare Butlers cannot guarantee any particular Butler/s for the Booking.

19. Bare Butlers’ confirmation that a preferred Butler has been assigned to the Booking reflects schedules as at that time, but does not guarantee that particular Butler’s attendance at the Booking.  The Host acknowledges that changes may occur on short notice and the Host is not entitled to notification of Butler changes (though Bare Butlers will generally notify the Host where practicable).

20. In the event that a requested Butler is unavailable for, or unable to attend, the Booking, Bare Butlers will choose the most suitable replacement based on: similar looks, availability for the Booking time and location, and the most appropriate personality.

21. The Host is not entitled to any refund, discount or other compensation merely because a Butler other than the Host’s requested Butler/s has attended the Booking.

22. Not all Butlers are comfortable with Bare Butlers’ full range of services.  For specialised services such as nude life drawing and strip teases, the range of available Butlers may be limited.

23. It is not uncommon that a stripper’s costume may become damaged during the night.  As such, Bare Butlers cannot guarantee that the Host’s preferred stripper costume will be available for the Booking. The Host is not entitled to a refund, discount or other compensation merely because a stripper does not have the Host’s preferred costume at the Booking.


24. Incidents and accidents may occur while Butlers are at the Booking (including but not limited to: damage to furniture, spilled drinks, and excess alcohol consumption).  The Host takes sole responsibility for any incidents, accidents or damage that occurs at the Booking, and acknowledges that Bare Butlers will not be liable in relation to same.

25. To the extent permitted by law, the Host releases and discharges Bare Butlers from all actions, demands, claims and liability (including third party actions, suits, claims, demands or causes of action) which arise directly or indirectly from the services provided by Bare Butlers.

26. The Host agrees to take reasonable steps to remove any persons, animals or objects, or to address any situations within their control, which are likely to:

(a) cause danger, annoyance or distress to any guest, Butler or third party;

(b) cause damage to any property; or

(c) endanger the health, safety or wellbeing of Butler/s or any other guests or third parties.

27. In the event of any loss, damage or harm (to person or property) ,that is alleged to arise out of the Butler’s service or performance, the Host is to pursue appropriate action against the Butler only.


28. The Host is responsible for how their guests treat the Butler/s.  Butlers are to be treated with respect at all times; verbally and physically. Without limitation, the Host must ensure that they (and their guests) do not insult their Butler, throw objects, touch or smack their Butler without consent, flick or untie garments, pour drinks over, or engage in any other unsafe or socially offensive behaviour.

29. Cameras, mobile phones and other recording devices are not permitted to be used during the event for photos or videos of (or including) the Butler/s, unless specifically permitted by the Butler/s. If the Butler/s refuse any form of photography or recording, no footage can be taken. The Host acknowledges that a breach of this clause after warning by the Butler/s will entitle the Butler/s to leave the event without further notice.

30. If a Butler feels they are being abused, threatened or otherwise harassed or intimidated, they will give notice to the Host and a reasonable opportunity for the Host to address the adverse circumstances.  If there is no improvement within a reasonable time, for their own health and safety, the Butler is entitled to leave the Booking.  In these circumstances, the Host will not be entitled to a refund.


31. If, during the event, the Host is dissatisfied with the service they are receiving, the Host must, as soon as possible:

(a) notify the Butler of their dissatisfaction and the reasons for it, and give the Butler a reasonable opportunity to improve; and

(b) contact Bare Butlers to discuss same (in accordance with the opportunity for Bare Butlers to remedy the service under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993).

32. If the Butler’s services continue to be dissatisfactory without any improvement by the Butler, the Host may send the Butler away from the Booking early.  The Host agrees to contact Bare Butlers before taking any such action under this clause 29, and acknowledges that any failure to do so may constitute a waiver of the Host’s remedy rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


33. Bare Butlers may, at its entire discretion, offer the Host a partial or complete refund. Bare Butlers is under no obligation to offer or agree to provide any refund.

34. The Host acknowledges and agrees that any refund offered by Bare Butlers:

(a) will be in full and final settlement of all claims arising out of or related to the Booking (whether known or not yet contemplated);

(b) may be paid by way of refund to the Host’s credit card or by direct transfer from Bare Butlers (to be determined at Bare Butlers’ discretion); and

(c) does not, if accepted by the Host, represent an admission of liability by Bare Butlers.


35. Bare Butlers reserves the right to take photos and videos (including Instagram stories) of Bookings for both internal training purposes and sharing on Bare Butlers’ website and social media.  All such information will be treated in accordance with Bare Butlers’ Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 2020 (where it falls within the definition of “personal information” under that Act).

36. If any guest objects to their picture being shared on Bare Butlers’ website and social media, the Host agrees to advise Bare Butlers at the earliest opportunity.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 5 May 2024.

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